Municipal Solar RFP

The Hampshire Council of Governments, through the RFP process, is seeking to provide Western Massachusetts communities with a fully vetted, local solar vendor who can work with the Council and the community to provide the best possible solar installation arrangement. An important goal of the Council is to keep money local (in the Western Massachusetts region) and to support local green investment efforts by enhancing “green energy” development and help the municipalities sort through the complicated and often unpredictable procurement process. The Council has taken on the responsibility of simplifying the procurement process on your behalf so please let the Council become your local solar expert by participating.

The Municipal Solar Program will have the following important advantages:

  • Simplicity: The Council will hire a preferred solar photovoltaic vendor (on your behalf) and installer that municipalities can utilize without engaging in a lengthy, complicated, risky and expensive procurement process;
  • Peace of Mind: Municipalities will know that the vendor has been fully vetted by the Council and our attorneys and our procurement experts;
  • Local Investment: The money invested in municipal solar STAYS LOCAL and is reinvested in similar projects;
  • Service: Municipalities receive the best possible solar photovoltaic deal with the assurance that project will be built on time;
  • Savings: Municipalities save money on their electricity costs and protect the environment by reducing their carbon footprint;
  • Reliability: The Council will continue to ensure that the municipality is well cared for in terms of ongoing maintenance of systems, warranties, and contract issues.