Green Community Support

The Hampshire Council of Governments is working with member Communities which are trying to become “official” Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources “Green Communities”. This is multistep process in which the Community must take 5 steps to become a Green Community and then have access to up to $150,000 in Green Community Grant Money. This money must be used by the community to reduce the carbon footprint and overall energy consumption by 20% in the next five years. We work with communities on a one on one basis to help guide the community through the Green Community process.

In the past year we helped the Town of Middlefield become a Green Community. Middlefield was then approved by DOER for $139,000 in Green Community grant funding.

The Hampshire Council of Governments and the Town of Middlefield are pleased to announce that a 12.25kW Solar Photovoltaic array has been installed by Paradise Energy Solutions of Westfield and will generate approximately 11,165 kW each year or 60% of the Town Hall’s electricity usage. The array is predicted to save the town $1,719 each year in energy costs and generate an additional $2,200 each year in Solar Renewable Energy Credits.