Hampshire Purchasing Cooperative

The Hampshire Purchasing Co-Op administers a formal bidding process for a wide variety of products and services for schools, municipalities, non-profits, and public entities throughout the Western MA region and beyond. By aggregating buying power and achieving economies of scale, we can save participants money, time, and effort with our fully vetted contracts for quality products and services. During FY2016, the Co-Op secured nearly $9.6 million in goods and services.

How It Works:

There is no fee for municipalities, non-profits, and school districts participating in the Co-Op. Estimates for goods and services are collected from participants, aggregated, and then advertised collectively. Once an award is made and contracts are in place, Co-Op staff works on behalf of participants to ensure the quality of goods and services provided and to solve pricing, fulfillment, or other issues that may arise. 

Current Bid Opportunities:

Contact purchasing@hampshirecog.org for details and bid files.

We Get Results:

You save money.  The power of bulk purchasing has proven to provide lower prices.

You save time.  The Co-Op is convenient and saves time by doing all the procurement leg work and bidding for you.

You save effort.  Our fully vetted contracts provide high quality products and services. If you experience problems with a product or service, we leverage the clout of the entire purchasing volume to quickly solve issues.

Products and Services

Office Supplies and Services
General Office Supplies, Printing & Copying Services, Copier Machine Supplies, Printer and Fax Toner

School Supplies and Services:
Arts & Crafts and General School & Classroom Supplies, Milk, Bread, Ice Cream, and Food & Cafeteria Products

Highway and Public Works Supplies and Services: 
Hot Mix Asphalt, Hot In-Place Asphalt Recycling, Cold Patch, Culvert Pipe, Reclamation, Reclamation with Asphalt Injection, Peastone/Traprock/Gravel/Sand, Road Crack Sealing, Snow Plow and Grader Blades, Guard Rail Installation, Stone Seal, Street Sweeping, Catch Basin Cleaning, Line Painting, Liquid Asphalt, Winter Salt and Ice Control Products, Milling, Microsurfacing, Bonded Wearing Course, Fire Extinguisher Services, Tree Services, Water Treatment Chemicals

Diesel, Gasoline, Heating Fuel Oil

Medical Supplies: 
EMS Supplies

Hazardous Waste:
Collection, transport, and disposal