Hampshire County Group Insurance Trust

The Hampshire County Group Insurance Trust is established under Section 12 of Chapter 32B of the Massachusetts General Laws for the joint purchase of insurance. The duly elected Board of Councilors of the Hampshire Council of Governments act as the Trustees and the towns, cities, fire districts, regional school districts water districts and Community Development Corporations are the members of the Trust. The employees are not members of the Trust but employees of the member units. Each member unit recognizes that it must provide the same rates and health insurance products to all subsidiaries, groups or classes of employees within the unit unless otherwise charged by a collective bargaining agreement.

The goal of the Trust is to deliver the highest possible level of Health Insurance benefits at the lowest consistent price.

The strategy of the Trust is to seek attractively valued HMO and PPO plans that encourage early treatment and at the same time are cost effective for both employees and employers. The strategy includes minimizing the types of plans by placing as much of the risk under medical management as possible and the utilization of an ever-expanding Wellness Initiative that is designed to improve employee health through prevention.

There are 65 member units that have over 70 employee work-sites located in Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire Counties. There are over 4500 employees and 4000 dependents covered by health insurance by the Trust. There are also over 4000 employees covered under the basic life insurance program.

Benefit plans available through the Trust are the following

  • Health Insurance
  • Basic Life Insurance
  • Voluntary Life Insurance
  • Voluntary Dental Insurance
  • Voluntary Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance