Member Communities

While any municipality can save money by utilizing our programs and services, our member communities benefit from additional advantages. If your community is not a member, you are leaving money on the table. We save tax payer money. Contact your municipal leaders and urge them to join the Council or contact us for more information on how your community can save more money by joining the Council.

Member benefits include: 

Additional Savings

Only member communities are eligible for additional savings and discounted participation fees in our programs and services. 


Only member communities have elected representation on the Council. Our Councilors are responsible for overall direction and governance of the Council and also serve as liaisons for their communities. 

Regional Grants

The Council applies for regional grants on behalf of our member communities.

One County, One Voice

Our member communities have additional opportunities to interact with our Legislative Delegation. The Council's Legislative Agenda is formed based on input from our Councilors. This added exposure results in greater influence for our member communities on Beacon Hill. 

Investment in the Future of the Region

 As a member of the Council, communities are investing in the future of the region. We are a region with great promise and great challenges. The Council believes that only by joining together can we reach our full potential. The Council also believes that this region needs to be united to receive its fair share of federal and state resources that are currently being funneled to more organized regions.

Membership in the Council represents a concrete investment in our shared regional future.

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