Smoke Free Housing

Secondhand smoke causes the same serious illnesses as active smoking: lung cancer, heart disease in adults, asthma attacks, pneumonia and ear infections in children and infants.  Residents living in multi unit housing are particularly vulnerable to secondhand smoke since cigarette smoke migrates through cracks, flooring, ductwork and doorways. Since there is no safe level of secondhand smoke, a resident is still at risk even if they are a non smoker.

The Tobacco Free Community Partnership is working hard to change attitudes and behaviors to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke in both private and public multi unit housing. We strive to create a healthy dialogue between resident and property owner when one party seeks to go smoke free. This is achieved by educating the property owner as to the many benefits of going smoke free and providing information and tools to residents so they can make an informed decision.

We provide technical assistance for:

  • Smoke free housing survey design;
  • Economic analysis tools for landlords;
  • Public health and public safety information;
  • Proven techniques to go smoke free for condos, apartments, subsidized housing or housing authorities;
  • Legal questions;
  • Smoke free policy templates.