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99 Main Street
Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 584-1300 
Hours: 8:30AM-4:30PM M-F


Administration (ext: 2)
Executive Assistant - Lydia King:
Executive Director - Todd Ford: 

Hampshire County Group Insurance Trust (ext: 4)
Assistant Director of Insurance - Karen Karowski:
Insurance Director - Joe Shea:
Accounts Reconciliation Assistant - Cindy Smith:

Electricity Services (ext: 5) 
Director of Energy Operations, Sales, and Innovation - Sinead Coleman:
Electricity Program Coordinator - Diane Sexton:
Solar and Sustainability Program Coordinator - Yashira Ortiz:
Senior Account Executive - Zach Holt:
Senior Account Executive  - Stephen Grout:

Finance and Municipal Accounting Director (ext: 6)
Director - Roland Chaffee:
Assistant Director of Finance - Melissa Szumski: 

Purchasing Cooperative (ext: 3)
Director of Procurement Services - Ellen Batchelder:
Data Analyst - Henning Ohlenbusch: 

Wellness Initiative (ext: 7)
Director - Michele Komosa:

Tobacco Free Community Partnership(ext: 7)
Director- Melinda Calianos:

RSVP (ext: 8)
Director - Lindsay Bennett-Jacobs:
Volunteer Coordinator - Pat Sicard:
Healthy Bones & Balance Program Coordinator - Linda Brunelle: